Helpful Information March 11, 2024

90 Ways We Protect Our Clients Through a Real Estate Transaction

At ERA Brokers Consolidated, our commitment to our clients goes beyond just buying or selling homes. We strive to provide comprehensive support and guidance throughout every step of the real estate process. Here are 90 ways we ensure our clients’ interests are protected:

  1. Schedule time to meet for a strategy session.
  2. Prepare Guide & Educational Presentation.
  3. Meet and Discuss Goals and Non-Negotiables.
  4. Explain Agency Relationships.
  5. Discuss Different Types of Financing Options.
  6. Help Find a Mortgage Lender.
  7. Obtain Pre-Approval Letter from Lender.
  8. Provide Resources to Research crime in neighborhoods, school ratings, etc.
  9. Provide Overview of Current Market Conditions.
  10. Explain Company’s Value.
  11. Discuss Earnest Money Deposits.
  12. Explain Home Inspection Process.
  13. Educate About Local Neighborhoods.
  14. Discuss Foreclosures & Short Sales.
  15. Gather Needs & Wants of Next Home.
  16. Explain School Districts Effect on Home Values.
  17. Explain Recording Devices During Showings.
  18. Learn All Goals & Make A Plan.
  19. Create Internal File for Records.
  20. Send Homes Within Their Criteria.
  21. Start Showing Homes as Requested.
  22. Schedule & Organize All Showings.
  23. Gather Showing instructions for Each Listing.
  24. Send Showing Schedule.
  25. Show Up Early and Prepare First Showing.
  26. Look for Possible Repair Issues While Showing.
  27. Gather Feedback After Each Showing.
  28. Update When New Homes Hit the Market.
  29. Share Knowledge & Insight About Homes.
  30. Guide Through Emotional Journey.
  31. Listen & Learn at Each Showing.
  32. Keep Records of All Showings.
  33. Update Listing Agents with Feedback.
  34. Discuss Homeowners Associations.
  35. Estimate Expected Utility Usage Costs.
  36. Confirm Water Source and Status.
  37. Discuss Transferable Warranties.
  38. Explain Property Appraisal Process.
  39. Discuss Multiple Offer Situations.
  40. Create Practice Offer to Help Prepare.
  41. Provide Updated Housing Market Data.
  42. Inform Showing Activity Weekly.
  43. Update on Any Price Drops.
  44. Find the Right Home.
  45. Determine Property Inclusions & Exclusions.
  46. Prepare Sales Contract When Ready.
  47. Educate on Sales Contract Options.
  48. Determine Need for Lead-Based Paint Disclosure.
  49. Explain Home Warranty Options.
  50. Update Pre-Approval Letter with Each New Offer.
  51. Discuss Loan Objection Deadlines.
  52. Choose a Closing Date.
  53. Verify Listing Data Is Correct.
  54. Review Comps to Determine Value.
  55. Prepare & Submit Offer to Listing Agent.
  56. Negotiate Offer with Listing Agent.
  57. Execute A Sales Contract & Disclosures.
  58. Once Under Contract, Send to Escrow Company.
  59. Coordinate Earnest Money Wire Transfer.
  60. Deliver Copies to Mortgage Lender.
  61. Obtain Copy of Seller’s Disclosures.
  62. Deliver Copies of Contract/Addendum.
  63. Obtain A Copy of HOA Bylaws.
  64. Keep Track of Copies for Office File.
  65. Coordinate Inspections.
  66. Meet Home Inspector at The Property.
  67. Review Home Inspection.
  68. Negotiate Inspection Objections.
  69. Get All Agreed Upon Repair Items in Writing.
  70. Verify any Existing Lease Agreements.
  71. Check in With Lender To Verify Loan Status.
  72. Check on the Appraisal Date.
  73. Negotiate Any Unsatisfactory Appraisals.
  74. Coordinate Closing Times & Location.
  75. Make Sure All Documents Are Fully Signed.
  76. Verify Escrow Company Has Everything Needed.
  77. Reminder to Schedule Utilities Transfer.
  78. Make Sure All Parties Are Notified of Closing Time.
  79. Solve Any Title Problems Before Closing.
  80. Receive and Review Closing Documents.
  81. Review Closing Figures.
  82. Confirm Repairs Have Been Made by Sellers.
  83. Perform Final Walk-Through.
  84. Resolve Any Last-Minute Issues.
  85. Get CDA Signed by Brokerage.
  86. Attend Closing.
  87. Provide Home Warranty Paperwork.
  88. Facilitate Transfer of Keys and Accessories.
  89. Close Out File.

At ERA Brokers Consolidated, we go above and beyond to ensure our clients’ needs are met and their transactions are handled with care and professionalism. Contact us today to experience the difference! 🏡💼 #RealEstateProtection #ClientFirst #RealEstateSupport #ERABrokersConsolidated #RealEstateExperts